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Cottage Wars (Part 1)

Cottages often get passed down to the “kids”.  More often than not, these “kids” are in fact adults, and usually no spring chickens by time a long simmering feud blows up into open warfare.  There are long held grudges, personality conflicts, real or perceived injustices, and always a misplaced sense of entitlement. The Partition Act…

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Environmental Claims – Another Thing for Landlords to be Scared of

We hear a lot about environmental issues in this day and age.  Global Warming is the current topic of conversation.  The focus used to be smog.  Anyone remember acid rain? Anyhow, there are also day to day issues that come up that can present sticky (sorry, couldn’t resist) legal problems.  True, these are not the…

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Insurance Coverage – Forcing the Insurer’s Hand (Part 2)

In Part 1, I ended with the issue of whether the insurer in these circumstances (where there are both allegations that are not covered and are covered by the policy) would be required to pay for the defence of my clients.  The law gets somewhat “subtle” on this point. In the past, the courts have…

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