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The Lawyer Loses !!!!!

“Comeuppence” – getting one’s just desserts.   Lawyers always say, “Get it in writing”, or “a verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written one.” Awhile back had the pleasure of acting for a lady who was being sued by her adult son’s lawyer for the fees owed by the adult son to the lawyer. …

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Surveys Act Gambit – The Decision is In

By way of background, this issue had a tortured history, and relates to waterfront property and its boundaries as it relates to a municipal road that likewise goes to the water’s edge.  There was litigation between the land owner on one side of the road as against the owner on the other side of the…

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Insurance Coverage – Forcing the Insurer’s Hand (Part 3 – the Finale)

Seems like I am on a roll! For the background, go back to Parts 1 and 2 as previously posted. But once again, the insurance company folded like a cheap shirt.  Without even putting up a fight, the insurer agreed to take over the defence of my clients, re-paid them the costs of defending to…

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