I Love My Canadiana Kitchen

With great trepidation, I just went through the kitchen renovation process. As a lawyer, I have seen many a nightmare file over such matters. Strange thing happened. These guys did it on time, and on budget!

So Thanks to Scott and Terry at Canadiana Kitchens.

So what have I learned from the process?

1. If you have a good contractor, listen to them. Good ones will give you suggestions/options because it is probably the right thing to do.

2. Just because you hired people to do the work, doesn’t mean you don’t do anything. The homeowner has responsibilities too. Selecting various products (floor, back splash, counter top) in a timely way is critical, and to be honest not easy. You as the homeowner have to be prepared to do some running around.
A two day delay by you could mean a significantly greater delay to project completion. Remember, you are not their only customer. They have made commitments to others just like they did to you.
3. Pay them on time. You want them to want to work for you. In fact, making payments before they are even asked for it can show a lot of confidence and motivate the contractor to go the extra mile.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Paul and gang at Regal Granite.

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