Does Hiring a Big Law Firm Lead to Bigger Legal Bills?

Sometimes yes.

Lawyers’ bills can be reviewed by way of an “assessment” by a judicial officer.  The following is a quote from such an assessment hearing on a “big firm’s” accounts:

“Based on my experience in other assessment hearings, I have found that some law firms have taken to the practice of offering a team approach to providing legal services to their clients under the pretext that this process will save the client money by making use of law clerks and paralegals.  More often then not, I find that this team approach does not save the clients on legal fees.  I find this process can cost the client more as the client is docketed for each and every item by each and every team member whether the work is necessary or not.  The client is docketed time for services that are secretarial in nature and considered office overhead such as taking phone messages, setting up appointments, file organization, receive, review and forward correspondence, inserting information into boilerplate documentation, interoffice correspondence, interoffice telephone calls.

Lets be clear.  Litigation is a costly exercise no matter what.  But what is revealed by this example is the result of a “machine” approach to legal services.  It isn’t designed to help the client.


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