Simcoe County Official Plan Appeal Update

The saga continues.

At a recent “prehearing conference”  the parties involved agreed to much of the wording in relation to the 20,000 excess allocation program.  That said there are a couple remaining issues, largely raised by one hold out Township

By way of reminder the specific issue in question relates to resort to an additional 20,000 population growth county-wide set out in the Places to Grow Act, and in particular for the County of Simcoe.  Essentially the program is to allow for applications to the County for additional growth beyond that permitted by the Province, up to 2,000 persons per application, with a maximum of 4,000 within any one municipality.  The primary pre-condition is that the lands being applied for be within a settlement area.  It is not to be used for a settlement area expansion.

The hold out Township wants to insert provisions to allow use of the allocation to support a settlement area expansion.

The Province and the County, supported by their respective expert witnesses, are in complete disagreement with that concept.  In fact, other than the expert for the Township, no other of the numerous experts or parties are in agreement with the hold out Township.

Because of this hold out, the hearing on this point, which is scheduled for 5 days, is set to continue notwithstanding agreement by all others.

This is an unfortunate and expensive turn of events.

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