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Yes “SIR” – No “SIR”: The Self-Insured Retention (“SIR”) in Insurance Policies

In both commercial and institutional contexts there often arises circumstances where in entering a contract, one party requires the other to have insurance coverage in place which names that party as an “additional insured”. To secure the agreement, the other party must produce a “Certificate of Insurance”, which usually confirms the addition of the party…

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Snowmobile Trail Problems Part 2

Well, it goes from bad to worse.  While acting for a client we were working from a form of agreement that was represented to be approved by the OFSC.  That now appears to be not the case.  As problematic as the agreement we thought we were being presented was, the actual agreement approved by the…

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Do You Really Want a Snowmobile Trail On Your Property?

First of all, this post has nothing to do with the “local clubs” which are run by volunteers who like snowmobiling and work hard to make it available for others.  The local clubs, however, are under an umbrella organization called the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (“OFSC”), and that is where the insurance coverage is…

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